A Snip of April's Colorful Life

April has been my mom's hairstylist for about ten years now. She is the only person my mom trusts with her hair and she vowed to follow April anywhere she went. She kept this promise when April switched to the Relax Organic Salon in Washington, PA almost a year ago.

As I waited in the salon last summer for her to finish styling my mom's hair, April asked if I would take branding pictures for her new website and Facebook page she planned to launch in the near future.

I eagerly accepted the challenge and I met with April at the salon to come up with a game plan. She showed me her Pinterest boards, told me about the type of clients she was marketing, and how she wanted her pictures to be unique and authentic. When I left, I was confident I could photograph April exactly the way she wanted.

A month later, I headed back to the salon for our first photo session. April had a client coming in that day to get balayage. My goal was to photograph this process, while capturing April's relationship with the client. As I sat and listened to their conversations, I could tell how close they were, how comfortable the client felt, and how much April truly cared about her experience at the salon.

Our second session was at April's house, where I was greeted by her two dogs Susie Q and Maggie. After a little bit of barking and many rounds of fetch, we were able to snap some shots (treats may or may not have been involved). April's essence and genuine happiness shined through all the pictures.

April's love for her career and willingness to help clients is apparent in all of her work. It's no wonder my mom deemed April as one of her "favorite people ever!"

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